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2021, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Assessment of the impact of mobile libraries on traditional libraries

Author(s): Mark Quaye Affum

Mobile library is a form of librarianship where library staff move information to the doorstep of users through the use of technology both software and hardware. Mobile libraries very crucial library type that has come to save the under privileged, to educated the less informed on issues such as HIV, AIDS, disease out breaks, nutrition, career guidance etc.
The scarcity of static libraries everywhere every time has made the essence of mobile libraries within communities, countries, regions and districts.
Mobile librarianship is not only limited to the use of vehicles and vans to transport books to readers far and wide, it also encompasses the use of telecommunication, proxy servers, online repository etc., to transmit digital information to users far and wide.
Mobile libraries will also increase the patronage of traditional libraries ones the user gets use to it and generates interest in libraries.
Mobile libraries complement the work of the traditional libraries. It is able to reduce the pressure on the traditional libraries thus providing extra support to the traditional static libraries. Through mobile libraries, traditional libraries are able to increase members and their services as well anywhere and at any time.
The physical part of a mobile library is made up of a big van or bus carrying books and other learning materials that meet the needs of users that will be patronizing the library.
The effect of mobile libraries on the traditional ones could be both negative or positive yet ht e positive effects far outweigh the negative ones. The congenial space and atmosphere, couples with expert attention and guidance comes with the use of traditional library which is a huge disadvantage to the mobile libraries since a user of a mobile library may not afford the space and quiet environment that a static traditional library may bring.
It should be noted that, the presence of more mobile libraries will assist the less privilege to have access to the moving vehicle or physical libraries and the highly privilege to take advantage of mobile internet libraries.

DOI: 10.33545/27076636.2021.v2.i1a.43

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