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2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

An efficient prediction of diabetes using machine learning approaches

Author(s): Baduru Sneha and B Pavan Kumar Reddy

Abstract: Diabetes is a one of the fundamental wellsprings of visual disability, kidney frustration, expulsions, cardiovascular breakdown and stroke. Diabetes is conceivably the most appalling disease that humanity is defying at the present time. The sickness occurs considering body's unseemly response to insulin: which is a huge substance in our body that converts sugar into energy needed for authentic working of standard life. The diabetic disorder has genuine complexities on our body as it assembles the peril of making kidney ailment, coronary ailment, eye retinal contamination, nerve damage and vein hurt. This paper bases on progressing developments in AI which have had colossal impacts in the ID and finish of diabetes. In this paper we developed a conjecture model for diabetes representation using Decision tree and KNN classifier. The introduction of these applied methods is settled using the components precision, exactness and review. The results gotten shown that choice tree beats KNN and choice tree with most raised exactness of 100%. Execution assessment of these request strategies helps us with picking which fitting strategy to pick in future for separating the given dataset.

DOI: 10.33545/27076571.2021.v2.i2a.34

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Baduru Sneha, B Pavan Kumar Reddy. An efficient prediction of diabetes using machine learning approaches. Int J Comput Artif Intell 2021;2(2):23-28. DOI: 10.33545/27076571.2021.v2.i2a.34
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